This blog was created to document my travels through incorporating the cultures, the lands and the people I encounter. Since a young kid growing up in Australia and New Zealand the world fascinated me, why one place was so vastly different from my reality or why another was marbled with similarities. I’ve always maintained that I suffer an incurable case of Xenophilia: A love for foreign lands, customs, traditions, cultures.

While most kids read Doctor Zeus, I was reading the intriguing pages of an atlas, studying cities, countries and continents as to one day imagine myself in these places of wonder…once simply dots on a map.

This blog begins several years into my travels and comes at a time when my hunger for it continues unabated. If I die knowing that I saw with my own eyes and experienced with my own body as much of the world as possible, I assure you that I will die a content and fulfilled man. So the dream continues…

In 2014 I had a major accident by falling 3.5 stories off a building. I have used travel and my writing to get better, feeling that life should stop because of such an accident. I put many more stories out there before the accomplishment of achieving a publisher for my book about the accident recovery.

For Brain Injury and Mental Health support I have created this Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/346547919414221/?source_id=805473519484508

Facebook: www.facebook.com/paulmcmahonauthor

Twitter: @paulmcauthor

Tumblr: paulmcmahonauthor

Medium: https://medium.com/@paulmcauthor

Instagram: paul___mcmahon

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