Interesting to learn – Hemianopsia: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, & Treatment

By Brittany Ferri Table of Contents Symptoms Causes Diagnosis Treatment Coping Hemianopsia, or homonymous hemianopsia, is a condition which causes a person to see only one side of the visual field in each of their eyes. This presents in an unusual way, causing individuals who are unaware of their condition to believe they have lost vision […]

[WEB] Hemianopsia: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, & Treatment

Published by Paul - Brain Injured and Traveller in one.

The World is an amazing place filled with adventure, awe and excitement. As a child I dreamt that I would see every country, every crevice of the globe. And now? Now I continue to fulfil that dream...I would like to share that journey with you in some small part...

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