Words of Encouragement [a poem] — PhoebeMD: Medicine + Poetry

By Forrest Rivers | Featured Contributor All we areIs stardustAnd fractalsOf cosmic wavesDancing in a seaOf love Life has meaningA messageAnd a sacred rhythmThat drums to the beatOf one I used to be afraidI used to run from the worldI used to fear the haunting specterOf failureBut then I came to seeMy mind was my own… WordsContinue reading “Words of Encouragement [a poem] — PhoebeMD: Medicine + Poetry”

Riverside Walking Track, Lane Cove, Sydney

In Sydney there was a period of average weather with rain over the Christmas period. Compared to some winter areas of the world at this time of year, we are typically enjoying the beach or sun. But summer is also the wettest season of the year in South-East Australia. I saw a break in theContinue reading “Riverside Walking Track, Lane Cove, Sydney”

Holidays, Mental Loneliness and Care

Merry Christmas! I wish everyone a good time during this part of the year, all of us following different faiths or spiritual paths. I also want to make a special call out to people who are alone, particularly those missing loved ones or are living a mentally traumatic period of life. I would love forContinue reading “Holidays, Mental Loneliness and Care”

My most popular video

I made this video just over a year ago to try and explain the frustration issue that people with a Brain Injury go through. It is now my most watched video on YOUTUBE (after my initial introduction) and it shows the importance in trying to explain this issue with Brain Injury Thrivers. Take a lookContinue reading “My most popular video”

INTERESTING READ: Autistic Anxiety — Autistic Science Person

Honestly, this misinterpretation of my signals is one of the things I have struggled with the most for my entire life. It’s caused me a lot of fear and pain. And so many non-autistic people don’t see it. They don’t see the problem and they don’t see how they misinterpret me. To them, I don’tContinue reading “INTERESTING READ: Autistic Anxiety — Autistic Science Person”