Las Olas

The ocean undulation crea una luz alucinante Sombras y light reflect on the lenguaje azul oscuro del agua Día o noche the luz plays games with our sight, vision, perspectivas The ocean is like the mar of life to create rebirth para nacer new Las olas represent changing moments to continue without time The beachContinue reading “Las Olas”

Fatigue and Brain Injury. Why it feels different to just being tired

Today I have an addiction to coffee. It came as a result from years where I battled with my brain to be more alert as before my Brain Injury. It would lose my focus to feel drained the moment I would wake each morning. That is if I was lucky enough to get enough orContinue reading “Fatigue and Brain Injury. Why it feels different to just being tired”


Originally posted on Pablito…travelling mentally with you!:
Photo courtesy of EVERYDAY HEALTH I’ll start by saying two things; My Brain Injury experiences influenced this article and Anxiety isn’t solely experienced through Brain Injury, but I felt the unique qualities coming during Brain Injury. Uneasiness sometimes comes as a result of perceived personal flaws or…

[WEB PAGE] Aquatic Occupational Therapy

Originally posted on TBI Rehabilitation:
Posted by Debbie Overman  Tim is a 52-year-old male who experienced a C3-C4 spinal cord injury. In this image Tim is shown participating in the Bad Ragaz Ring Method. For this, the therapist utilizes pool noodles, a flotation belt and a cervical flotation collar with the purpose of enhancing passive and…

Writing that speaks of loneliness, a central quality of my first book I’m editing now!

Australian author Elizabeth Tan’s second short story collection, Smart Ovens for Lonely People, is full of humorous and poignant stories laced with pop-culture references and techno-slang, and set in an uncertain dystopian future or surrealities. Elizabeth’s comedy leaps out from story titles such as ‘Shirt Dresses that Look a Little Too Much Like Shirts soContinue reading “Writing that speaks of loneliness, a central quality of my first book I’m editing now!”

How Exercising One Arm Could Have Twice the Benefits

Training one arm can improve strength and decrease muscle loss in the other arm – without even moving it, new research from Edith Cowan University (ECU), published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Sports Science, suggests. The findings could help to address the muscle wastage and loss of strength often experienced in an immobilized arm,Continue reading “How Exercising One Arm Could Have Twice the Benefits”


I couldn’t wait to start exercising this morning mostly because it was a great distraction from the news and thinking about the election results. I started quickly after breakfast. I didn’t want to look at any news or updates on social media and exercising is a good way to get your mind and attention off…Continue reading “KEEPING WITH MY MONTH DEDICATED TO EXERCISE – Exercise to distract myself”

Exercise and Recovery – Step by Step

This post talks about recovery from two accidents that occurred in Sydney, Australia. We are two Brain Injury thrivers who haven’t always thrived. The thriving came after our accidents some years ago. What helped? There are many things, but we found EXERCISE helped us recover. These are our particular stories and the purpose of sharingContinue reading “Exercise and Recovery – Step by Step”