Continuous positivity influences your mindset

In 2014 I fell off a building. 15 metres to my closest encounter with death.

What I feel it actually sparked was a period of intense growth to observe the psychology we are surrounded by each day in our social worlds.

One thing from the moment I opened my eyes in week 3/4 after the accident was having an intense focus on positivity, my interests, my passions and my recovery from that fall.

It wasn’t easy. In no way was it easy. However, part of that positivity was ignoring the negative responses people had towards my accident and particularly the Brain Injury I suffered.

This again was NOT easy.

What I did was to keep following parts of my life where I knew I could succeed. With each success I began to drown out the negativity until I healed from Brain Injury. This was something occurring over several years despite my fast general recovery.

Brain injury is a complicated illness or rejuvenation. Some people never fully recover and that’s also a reality assisted by positivity – created by a focus on things that a particular person loves.

This post is a simple one so I can tell survivors or thrivers to…

1. Follow what YOU love, adore, have a passion for.

2. Ignore negativity as best you can.

If someone yells or belittles you then leave. Stay away from negativity as best you can.

3. Brain Injury recovery will never be perfect. Realise this is because life is not perfect. Go back to number one and create positivity with that recommendation.

Published by Paul - Brain Injured and Traveller in one.

The World is an amazing place filled with adventure, awe and excitement. As a child I dreamt that I would see every country, every crevice of the globe. And now? Now I continue to fulfil that dream...I would like to share that journey with you in some small part...

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