My illness meets coronavirus

I lay here on my bed down the road from La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain. It’s the 13 April 2020 and I’m in lockdown due to the Coronavirus. I hadn’t planned this somewhat end to 6 years of recovery in Spain after falling 15 metres off a building in Sydney, though I tried with force,Continue reading “My illness meets coronavirus”

Barcelona, SCPAATIANLUNYA (Spain and Catalunya) – 20 May 2020

Here I sit, docile, calm, tranquilo. I’m in Parc de Cervantes after a morning run/walk to an interesting housing estate built in 1987 (only one year after my birth!) with an architectural style coming from the utopian ideals of science fiction writers. It’s nice to sit in a good park, Barcelona has few larger ones.Continue reading “Barcelona, SCPAATIANLUNYA (Spain and Catalunya) – 20 May 2020”


I am drinking the most delicious beer. It has a hint of lemon, it’s just before 12pm, I ran 30 minutes this morning and I deserve this alcohol 🙂 I’m content. All except my final ethics approval has come together. For this truth I’m so happy. The Uni Ethics approval is tight and I haveContinue reading “SITGES, CATALUNYA 6 March 2020”