Dreams returning after a brain injury

My brain injury was diagnosed as severe in 2014 by doctors’ when it occurred but healed well, despite the challenges that presented themselves during healing. I was especially tormented by emotional changes many saw but replied to them with anxiety and fear that made my isolation worse. Another quality of my brain injury was aContinue reading “Dreams returning after a brain injury”

I’M SORRY – apologies during mental trauma

Many know that in 2014 I fell off a building, 15 metres down onto the concrete ground below. After years of healing and hard work I am currently in Barcelona, Spain to complete a master degree in urban and regional planning. To get here wasn’t easy. It took a lot of determination to get throughContinue reading “I’M SORRY – apologies during mental trauma”

Backward, here, forward – TIME

In my youth I got older to know time as a certainty. I passed time ageing year by year. I started school at the same time every day with recess and lunch defined within a moment without a thought passing to contemplate its mundane existence, before the day closed on the hour we counted downContinue reading “Backward, here, forward – TIME”