Day six into the isolation of Spain

‘what are you doing’ ‘just walking around the corner’ ‘you can’t walk around the corner’ ‘ok’ ‘where is your home?’ ‘through there’ ‘you should go directly home’ ‘ok’ Morning walks to take out money and exercise the legs in Barcelona are scrutinised by the Police. I already have fear of seeing them and here IContinue reading “Day six into the isolation of Spain”

Corona = Crown in Spanish, crown of the apolocolypses!

Tomorrow begins the full shut down with the coronavirus lockdown and this episode of my life is not how I expected it to be. Latest case numbers I saw are 29909 cases in Spain ( I was, not so pleasently surprised, that cases in Australia where I’m from and I assumed would be far moreContinue reading “Corona = Crown in Spanish, crown of the apolocolypses!”