Queenstown – 29 August 2016

Welcome to paradise and imagine what the word means to one’s soul. I have a confession that paradise inside me often conjures up tropical ocean thoughts, with waterfalls and beautiful flowers blossoming under the hot sun. Queenstown is not that normal kind of paradise and with a journey too many latitude degrees south, you willContinue reading “Queenstown – 29 August 2016”

Christchurch – 25 AUGUST 2016

I would like this piece to be known as an end of recovery trip stinger. For those who are unaware of who these words come from, I fell 3.5 stories and recovered from the physical and mental injuries that such an accident entailed. I say end of recovery because humans have a start/finish, do/done, back/forward…everythingContinue reading “Christchurch – 25 AUGUST 2016”