Border of Vietnam & Cambodia – 28 June 2007

We have arrived! After many hours today of waiting to make it, here we are. You notice the slight changes that make you see why the border is where it is. The boat we are in is painted light blue and is much smaller than the one we had just gotten off from. We bought a beer and soft drink in Dong to receive our first 1000 Cambodian Riel. I am unsure of what to expect when we finally make it to Phnom Penh but I’m very excited. This is the 15th country I have travelled to, and with so many more to go, I’m glad I’m on my way. (2015 side note not in diary – I have now been to 35 countries :o)


Phnom Penh

I now sit in our hotel room at the King’s Hotel in the largest city and capital of Cambodia. We have been travelling today for more time than I care to remember but we are not dead, so all is good in the world. Our drive from the harbour stop to Phnom Penh was reminiscent of my trip to Bolivia. The road was all over the shop as we jumped in the air every now and again on a random bump. Phnom Penh itself so far looks good but the people in the country are possibly the poorest I’ve seen in my travels. All of the homes are made from dried reeds or bark and sticks. There were few paved roads but travelling along the river was awesome as every child jumps with excitement to see a bunch of oddly dressed foreigners go slowly down the river.

They each wave and dance frantically, excited to see another hoard of tourists join the cavalcade across the border. When we arrived at the hotel I was expecting it to be much worse, although it is very expensive, I think, for Cambodia. We did decide to stay to save some trouble running around. On our way here we saw many awesome temples, making us very excited for Angkor Wat in two days. Tomorrow we shall explore the city and find out what Cambodia has to offer.

Later that night…

HAHAHAHA! We were just watching MTV Asia and we saw my friend’s AIDS advertisement where she has her 1 second of fame, saying “LIME”, was so funny! She is an International Star (this actually happened tomorrow on the 29th June 2007, I accidentally wrote it in on this day)11714454_10153354934290490_1365396582_n

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