Siem Reap – 1 July 2007

It is mid-afternoon and outside a torrent of rain beats down on the city. Despite wishing to go for an early dinner, I am happy with the storm as it alleviates the extreme heat. This morning was our first tour into the Angkor Wat area. We went to the less prominent temples today as tomorrowContinue reading “Siem Reap – 1 July 2007”

Siem Reap – 30 June 2007

After awaking this morning, we made our way downstairs to have breakfast and prepare for our six hour journey to Siem Reap. The journey did surprisingly only take us the six hours anticipated, and the road was not as rough as we expected it would be. On the way we made a couple of stops,Continue reading “Siem Reap – 30 June 2007”

Phnom Penh, Cambodia – 29 June 2007

We woke up late this morning, so we had to rush around on our only day in Cambodia’s Capital. After a quick breakfast we made our way to the Toul Sleng Museum, also known as S-21. In this complex, thousands of Cambodians were brutally murdered by the dictatorship of the late 70s known as theContinue reading “Phnom Penh, Cambodia – 29 June 2007”

Border of Vietnam & Cambodia – 28 June 2007

We have arrived! After many hours today of waiting to make it, here we are. You notice the slight changes that make you see why the border is where it is. The boat we are in is painted light blue and is much smaller than the one we had just gotten off from. We boughtContinue reading “Border of Vietnam & Cambodia – 28 June 2007”

On the Mekong again, Vietnam – 28 June 2007

We are now three hours from the Cambodian border on a slow wooden boat. This morning we were up bright and early to an average breakfast where my friend found a small bug in his bread. YUM! We were also told that we would be on the ‘slow boat’ and if we wished to catchContinue reading “On the Mekong again, Vietnam – 28 June 2007”