Chau Doc, Vietnam – 27 june 2007

It is now evening and we spent so many hours today on boat or bus. I still haven’t shitted, as we travelled my poo continues to travel inwards. More people have joined our journey and we have come to a hotel in a city I do not know the name of, but I believe it is Chao Long.

We definitely went to a town called Vinh Long today. I have just found out that this town is called Chau Doc. The other two places we went to today was Caibe (floating market) and Long Xuyen. Now we look forward to a long journey tomorrow and on to Cambodia, where we believe we have found a place to stay.

Better than the place they are taking us.

Also, one of the Irish Girls found a cockroach in their soup, it was fairly hilarious as there were many more cockroaches wandering around and Europeans aren’t accustomed to them!


Published by Paul - Brain Injured and Traveller in one.

The World is an amazing place filled with adventure, awe and excitement. As a child I dreamt that I would see every country, every crevice of the globe. And now? Now I continue to fulfil that dream...I would like to share that journey with you in some small part...

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