Somewhere over Australia – 23 June 2007

We are finally on our way to Ho Chi Minh City after an hour delay in Sydney. I’m extremely excited, this is not only my first trip to Asia but also my first journey to a Communist nation. We only have ten days to see Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), the Mekong Delta, Phnom PenhContinue reading “Somewhere over Australia – 23 June 2007”

Harbin, China (the capital of ice) – 3 January 2014

I’m sitting in my hotel room on the seventh floor. Out the window I see nothing but ice, smog and towers –  I cannot see them built quite to the horizon it seems, as the pollution has blanketed this city of 11 million inhabitants. I am in Harbin, the capital of the north. It isContinue reading “Harbin, China (the capital of ice) – 3 January 2014”