Snapshot of the Singapore Biennale 2014

The Singapore Biennale 2014 showcases the work of contemporary artists from across South-East Asia and beyond, blending artistic mediums in a number of the city’s art galleries, museums and public spaces. With Asia attracting attention for its race to economic supremacy, art acts as an outlet to showcase the region’s cultural nuances in the contextContinue reading “Snapshot of the Singapore Biennale 2014”

In the closing hours of 2013

Jinshanling. 31 December 2013 I end 2013 sitting here on the Great Wall of China. As it approaches 11am the warmth of the sun has thawed my dry skin and I sit here on ancient masonry work thinking about life and simple things as one does in these moments. 2014 is going to be aContinue reading “In the closing hours of 2013”