An Indian Wedding, Microfinance, Australia Day and the end is nigh…

Our stint in India has almost come to a close so it’s time to consolidate all we’ve seen, all we’ve come to know of this wonderous country, and realise the expanse of knowledge we leave undiscovered. THE WEDDING Over the weekend we flew north to Delhi. This city was not to be our destination, insteadContinue reading “An Indian Wedding, Microfinance, Australia Day and the end is nigh…”

A taste of Mumbai’s reality

Today the Bombay Builders team split into three groups, attending the branches and borrower meetings of Ujjivan Microfinance. Ujjivan sits somewhere between the 10th and 12th spot on the list of largest Microfinance Institutions operating within India. I was most impressed by their original presentation last week in Pune where they emphasised their commitment toContinue reading “A taste of Mumbai’s reality”

Pune: Nod your head sideways and call yourself Ricky Ponting

PUNE! As with everything in this country they once called Hindustan we have all the flavours of the spectrum. From the expansive houses of the rich to the dust shrouded and crowded streets of the masses. This is a city that has an amazing array of things to explore and we just keep on doingContinue reading “Pune: Nod your head sideways and call yourself Ricky Ponting”

Arrival to Mumbai :D

A skyline shot of Mumbai from our rooftop. After the gruelling schedule of flight transfers, interrupted sleep in economy class seats and cramped cabin fever conditioning we have arrived in Mumbai. At this point I would like to thank dearest Frank of Singapore Airlines in Sydney for finding Struan and myself aisle seats for bothContinue reading “Arrival to Mumbai :D”

In the beginning…

Tomorrow’s destination came as a random gift and surprise to my travelling plans for this year. INDIA! Here is a land I had dreamed of encountering with the assumption that I would set foot on its shores many years from now and under very different circumstances. I got lucky, tengo buena suerte o posiblemente haContinue reading “In the beginning…”