I’ll start by saying two things; My Brain Injury experiences influenced this article and Anxiety isn’t solely experienced through Brain Injury, but I felt the unique qualities coming during Brain Injury. Uneasiness sometimes comes as a result of perceived personal flaws or incompetence. This causes anxiety, as though we cannot perform well enough from an … More ANXIETY AND BRAIN INJURY


La ciudad de México es un gran espacio urbano. Tiene una historia larga como muchos mexicanos saben y con la fuerza de esta historia viene la ola de cultura, guerra, fuerza del pueblo, a veces la estupidez politica y su conocimiento de algo distinto. Los torres de Donald Trump, como uno de los más altos … More LA CIUDAD DE MÉXICO

Accepting change

Recently I began studying a Graduate Certificate in Change Management. I took the initiative because one of our greatest challenges is the change process, both instigating it and succeeding in it. This started 4.5 years after I fell 15 metres or 3.5 floors off a building with numerous initially obvious injuries and a Brain Injury. … More Accepting change