Husband’s Story About That Tragic Day

A personal story and Brain Injury

Overcoming a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

On the day I got the call from police my wife had been in an accident and was unresponsive was without doubt one of the scariest moments of my life. Rushing to the hospital not knowing of she was even alive was excruciating. Seeing her for the first time in the ER, before she was brought up to the room I would become very familiar with, was heartbreaking. I cried for some time before realizing a doctor was even taking to me. Once she was set up in a trauma room in the wing of the hospital where they handled cases like hers I cried seeing her again hooked up to so many machines, all making noise and not knowing what they did. It took a few days before I could look at her without crying, thinking I might never get to hold her again or see her smile anymore…

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After I watched a doco on MYANMAR; Just CARE!!! — Filosofa’s Word

Another day, another time, I would have been all over the story of what has been happening in Myanmar (aka Burma) over the past several months (decades).  It is important.  It is a matter of human lives.  Instead, I have focused on the political corruption, the racism, the horrific gun problem, and other issues that […]

PLEASE Just CARE!!! — Filosofa’s Word

Tools – 5 Creative Ways To Integrate Technology Into Your Personal Finances — simple Ula

Maintaining a household is tough, with the rising cost of living and increasing expenses in modern life. In this situation, prudent management of finances becomes more important than ever before. With a solid, tailored financial plan, you can live comfortably within your means. Integrating technology into your financial life is one of the smartest moves…

5 Creative Ways To Integrate Technology Into Your Personal Finances — simple Ula

Health – it’s not just what you achieve but the little things count in the long-term too

Reporting live into Paul’s 3 week so far extra healthy kick in the butt to his habits.

A few weeks ago I looked at a photo and realised how all the years of hard work I’d put into exercise and starting a great new job were not obvious from my unhealthy look.

The photo below is 3 weeks later 😛


I hadn’t realised the pressure I created with the continuous misuse of alcohol or unhealthy eating habits to my health. In recovery after my accident it was an entire push forward and a search for growth toward a finish line. Unhealthy food or alcohol were supporters along that journey.

I had reached the finish line, healed from Brain Injury and physical restrictions and here I was reinstating survival habits, during and after recovery. These were the overeating and the turn to alcohol as a comforter.

I realised my biggest obstacle was no longer to find a job (I went through years of hell in workplaces with less than intelligent or accommodating people/managers – explained in this post).

My obstacle had now become the same things that saved me during my worst days. A block of chocolate here or a sip of wine there (ok a bottle of wine there).

A meal I ate tonight 🙂

I wrote this post to make people think about the two factors that can make recovery from an accident difficult. This whether you are going through it or supporting someone in it.

  1. Overcoming the immediate challenges and then
  2. Overcoming the lasting habits we create to support the hurdles over these challenges

Try to think of how you replace things with habits. Personally I badly used food and alcohol. This relates to another post I wrote about the role of exercise in my recovery.

All I can say is that we shouldn’t downgrade one achievement through the negative impact of a habit. Kick those habits away slowly, bit by bit. It’s a process and we should accept that eating a pizza today doesn’t mean you never eat pizza tomorrow. Cut down the amount you eat or drink alcohol, bit by bit, little by little and success is there in each decision you make for a healthy you ❤

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The Evolution of Good Taste (Biology) — UR

Does evolution explain why we can’t resist a salty chip? Researchers at NC State University found that differences between the elemental composition of foods and the elemental needs of animals can explain the development of pleasing tastes like salty, umami and sweet. Taste tells us a lot about foods before they are swallowed and digested, […]

The Evolution of Good Taste (Biology) — UR

REAL – Challenged by Family and Friends after Our Brain Injuries Video Presentation — Second Chance to Live

Challenged by Family and Friends after Brain Injury Video PresentationWhen I began to confront my own denial after my brain injury, I found myself challenged by family and friends with the message of “its”:   “It’s just up in your head and if you just…then you would not be impacted by your brain injury”. What…

Challenged by Family and Friends after Our Brain Injuries Video Presentation — Second Chance to Live

Collective Intelligence Can Be Predicted and Quantified, New Study Finds (Neuroscience) — Uncover reality

In order to address issues ranging from climate change to developing complex technologies and curing diseases, science relies on collective intelligence, or the ability of a group to work together and solve a range of problems that vary in complexity. To better understand how to measure and predict collective intelligence, researchers used meta-analytic methods to […]

Collective Intelligence Can Be Predicted and Quantified, New Study Finds (Neuroscience) — Uncover reality